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100% designed and manufactured in the USA, the EverLED™ line of LED “Plug & Play” fluorescent tube replacements set the standard for quality and reliability. As the first commercially available product of its kind, EverLED’s™ innovative, time proven design makes LEDdynamics™ the manufacturer with the longest track record in the industry. Our easy retrofit solution requires no fixture modification and provides better light, extended lifetime, substantial energy savings and peace of mind.

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The LUXdrive™ product line of LED light modules, LED drivers, intelligent controllers, and light engines are driving the LED industry. Engineered and manufactured in the United States by LEDdynamics™, Inc. LuxDrive offers lighting manufacturers off-the-shelf solutions which enable rapid integration of LED technologies without the trial-and-error guess work. LuxDrive components are reliable, efficient, and flexibility to rapidly bring your LED product design to market.

Custom Solutions for Your LED ProjectLEDthinktank Custom Solutions OEM

It all starts here, with the top engineers and brightest talent in the industry. Our innovative team approach has led to some of the most important breakthroughs in the emerging field of LED technology. LEDThinkTank provides manufacturers, lighting designers and businesses creative custom solutions for virtually any LED lighting challenge. From research and development to final OEM production, LEDThinkTank™ can turn your idea into a brilliant reality.

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The Future of Lighting Is Here.

In a rapidly emerging industry that’s literally transforming the way we light the world, LEDdynamics™ has consistently been recognized for its imagination, innovation, and engineering excellence. Our breakthrough EverLED-TR fluorescent tube replacement has earned Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” and EC&M’s “Product of the Year” awards - and it’s just one example of our unique combination of research, development, and quality domestic manufacturing capabilities. LEDdynamics creates the LED systems and technologies that are making a brighter, greener, more efficient world.

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It’s Easy Being Green.

Changing your obsolete, inefficient, mercury-filled fluorescent fixtures into energy-saving and environmentally-friendly led lighting is as simple as changing the bulb. The EverLED-TR by LEDdynamics is the world's first ballast-compatible LED replacement tube, turning virtually any fluorescent fixture into a state-of-the-art LED fixture.

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Driven By LUXdrive!

LUXdrive components are driving the LED industry. We design and manufacture an extensive line of highly efficient drivers, light modules, and intelligent controllers that set the standard for LED technology world-wide. LuxDrive components perform the engineering for you, and make the best LED products reliable, brighter and more efficient.